flowey.  RING

RL keeps me really busy lately, so my goal to open new store and release more stuffs seems to be still far away. BUT, i had finally a chance to finish something I've been working on quiet a long time.
It's a ring - yes, you heard me - a real ring! It was inspired by some RL ring I bought few months ago and I'm totally in love with. It's a gold feather on double ring.

It's copy, modify, no trans.

Come and grab it here:

Don't forget to check my latest pose set - 'flowey. the last song' and grab soon-to-be-gone old poses if you don't have them yet!

Ps. I promise some new stuffs soon! Like poses in collab series 'Flutter <3 ...'. Stay tunned!


flowey. the last song

You can't belive it, huh? BUT YES YOU HEARD ME - NEW POSES ARE OUT! Whilst, I'm making some space having retirement sale I'm finally able to release some new poses, for you guys. I hope you will like them. I wouldn't lie admiting that those are my most favourite poses I've made.

6 poses in a pack, c/nm/nt as usuall. You can find them next to subscribo kiosk!

Come and try them:

Flutter Memel

Ps. Expect surprise collab pack this week! <3



Today retirement sale begins. All poses packs with this sign are marked 60% off.
This week 3 of them have been setted so you can grab now :
Come and grab them here:
Nexr pose packs will be added next week. I'm not sure when the sale ends yet but then poses will be GONE FOREVER so come and check them untill you can.
<3 Flutter Memel


flowey. hide me in your pocket

I'm working hard on new store but I tought I can share you little sneak peek what's to come.
Today's release is new prefab. Little, open skybox full of light and some new cool feature - moving (scripted) clouds on ceiling. You had occasion to see that skybox in other version (with grass inside) on my flickr stream few times:


So, here it is. Non-grass version, perfect for hot summer days.

Mind that I have new place for demo skyboxes, here:
slurl.com/secondlife/Harold/244/163/2501 (of course LM havebeen updated in store)

You can buy it in demo but also in my mainstore here:

Don't forget that flowey. loft-ish hideout is makred down 50% untill new store opening (wich I hope is going to happen in the end of the month).

Stay tunned and enjoy your summer <3

Flutter Memel


*random sale*

I feel bad for not having time to release some new stuffs for you guys, also there is this bag I want inRL ;-) .... RANDOM SALE TIME THEN!

Everything is 50% OFF!

(prefabs excluded)