flowey. hide me in your pocket

I'm working hard on new store but I tought I can share you little sneak peek what's to come.
Today's release is new prefab. Little, open skybox full of light and some new cool feature - moving (scripted) clouds on ceiling. You had occasion to see that skybox in other version (with grass inside) on my flickr stream few times:


So, here it is. Non-grass version, perfect for hot summer days.

Mind that I have new place for demo skyboxes, here:
slurl.com/secondlife/Harold/244/163/2501 (of course LM havebeen updated in store)

You can buy it in demo but also in my mainstore here:

Don't forget that flowey. loft-ish hideout is makred down 50% untill new store opening (wich I hope is going to happen in the end of the month).

Stay tunned and enjoy your summer <3

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