I want summer!

Ok. I'm calm. And so what in last Thursday was first day of Spring here? Who carres that it's snowing since two days?! Phew....i just had to say that.
Yes it is snowing and i want summer badly! Hey I have summer in SL all year! Yay! I know that everybody now wearing spring clothes from lates collection. But that's me ;) Everything different.
In summer clothes thing is: wear something comfortable and fashionable. I usually wear tunics, shorts and etc. Nothing speciall huh? But the most important are accecories. For me the most needed accecories in summer are two things: sunglasses and shoes. Let's first take sunglasses.
In my opinion perfect sunglasses are: big, big and big! I tried many pairs untill i found that one perfect. Here there are. My favourite sunglasses: Juju Sunglasses from Tres Blah:

They are perfect! Yes! I am SLebrity (ok I'm in that glasses *winks*)

Second important thing are shoes. Perfect shoes for summer? Flip-flops? No. Sandals?No. So what then? I tell you: FLATS!! All my friends know that I'm always wearing high heels. But come on it's summer! Ok now if you are already bored don't read that part. Here you only find my love word about flats.
Flats. Nothing speciall you say? I tell you it is speciall! They are suitable for any outfit. Summer dresses, early fall sweaters and jeans, spring jeans and fragile tops and tunics. I usually wear black flats. But today I said to myself 'Hey i need colour!". Recently I got group note from Aphrodite Creations about new release- Cherries Flats. That was excatly what I was looking for! I fall in love with them. They come in various of colours. They are suitable for every look. The textures are amazing! Here are couple of my favourites:

From left: Coco Swirls, Flowery Banana Toffee, Granny Slippers, Earthflowers

Absolutely must-have thise spring and summer! Check it yourself!

Full outfit:

Truh Deanne in Numteg
Skin: RaC Alison Skin 01
Sunglasses: Tres Blah Juju Sunglasses in Black
Dress: Armidi Keiko Tunic Dress in Grape
Flats: Aphrodite Creations Cheerys Flats in Granny Slippers

~ Flutter