Who am I? - part one.

I've just end read new Second Style Magazine. My post is a bit inspiring by article 'Cult of fashion' by Marni Grut (u can read it here and here ). I found there a bit of funny ironic about myself. I'm not fashionista, I never call that myself. I just like sharing with imaginary readers some ideas and my opinions about fashion. Yes, I love big glasses and hair from ETD, but that's it. No, I'm not trying explain myself *winks*. Not at all. I'm In-world almost 5 months. It's a long time for me, but I'm still looking who I am and who I want to be here. I'm trying do that through the fashion. Here's my little experiment. I choose basicaly the same outfit. Black longsleeve and mini-skirt and (finally mine) black boots from Storm Schmooz. I tried it with two different skins and different accecories. Here it is:

Like calm model, and extraordinary girl. Am I two different pearson? It is still me? Two looks, two styles. Like two differents girls. That's all makes me to think. I'm still looking, buying new things, mixing new looks. And where I'm really going? Do I want to be fashion slave? Do I need another glasses to express myself?
To be a fashionista or not to be? That is the question.


Photo credits:
Hair: ETD Janine II in Chesnut
Top: G.L.A.M Loose Neck Tunic in Black
Skirt: Cupcakes from Black Gathered Dress
Shoes: Storm Schmooz Bot's Black

Skin: MMS Pale Make-up6 Freckles
Belt: (FD) Shiny Theard Belt

Skin: RaC Alison01 classic palette
Glasses: Paper Couture Sylvia Frames