Royal Blue.

I had something different in mind to post here but I must work on it a bit more. So I discover today that it's sale at Royal Blue! And so what Marni blogged about that a week ago :P. Anyway I grabed few things. They are so lovely. In the pictures everything apart hair and pants are from Royal Blue.



I have to say that - I love that mask (not on sale) but more I adore that dress. It's clrearance sale so after that everything will be gone. Check it yourself.



Royal blue:
Dress: Anti Reaction dress ( <3! )
Jacket: Puffball Sleeves Jacket
Mask: War Time Elton John Mask in Silver
Skins: Zebra Pink Lips Another Shop Mod & Black Face by Royal Blue (another shop) from Lucky Dip Box

Pants: !tb crow black
Hair: Armidi The Short V in Nutmeg
Shoes: Shiny Things Ruffle Boots in Black

Ps. Brushes from there.