Oh Tuesday.....

And again - I fall in love with skin. I'm addicted I confess. I've waited impatiently for new Annyka Bekkers's realese since I've first time saw it somewhere on blogosphere. They looked so amazing and I always adore hand drawn stuffs. When I got them to review from Annyka (yes I asked, I'm betch) I almost screeched, I was so excited. I took me whole day to play with them and took photos (Oh don't ask how many I took, You will see almost all of them on my Flickr soon).


But's it's only beginnig...

Let's first take a look on body. I must admit that details amazes me. Especially when we pick freckled version. Everything on thise body is finished up. Skin look very soft and have many realistic elements like moles and etc. Every shadows on back and legs are well-done.


I especially adore the way how torso looks. Annyka made here brilliant work! Clavicle, breast line are great, but the most I adore tommy, wich finally look like I wanted - I was looking that in every skin i tried.


But now let's sey the truth - It's all about the face isn't ? And here I wasn't dissapointed either. The face is just damn gorgeous. The brows wich are very important in whole look are very good. The nose is cute, lips are rounded and very natural. To sum up It's look pretty amazing. I have to admit that with these skins my avatar look so like RL me now.
I choosed 4 make-ups from whole variety - in skin tones : vanilla, honey carmel, cinnamon (if you want to name of make-up plaese ask in comments or In-world).


To sum up everything I hardly reccomend to check it yourself. You will love it! I still can't stop playing with them in different styles.
Find them here.