I only exist because of coffee and art.

Today I decided to post about something different than fashion. In RL currently i have two great loves - coffee [lol] and art. Art always was and will be important part of my life- my father is photograper, I'm planning studying history of art.
Today I explored (I'm slow, I know that :P) gallery of very talented Mijn Boa at Harajukubox. Mijn is RL artist and for month again opened gallery in SL (previous we could saw her works at Tabelau).

Gallery at Harajukubox 2
Her worsk amazes me. They are soft and modern. You can buy them for surprisingly low prices (but it's not about money people!). I'd love to say more about them but my english is sadly too poor for that. Hope pictures I took tell you more [click on collage to go my flickr set and see them bigger]:


Mijn's works you can see live in Paris (until June 19th). Next she will have her exhibitions in New York City (October) and Portland (November). Unfortunately I won't be able to see any but I hardly recommend checking it if you can. More about Mijn you can read in her MySpace profile.

Gallery at Harajukubox 1

Gallery in Harajukubox is for limited time, so hurry ! I don't have surl but feel free to IM me In-world for landmark.


Ps. Stay tuned, Soon on my blog few reviews and notes from author (read from me ).