Delicious colours - Ornamental Life.

It's alomst summer, but here is rainning almost all the time. Gray behind windows is making me wearing colours in SL. Definetly yummy colours you will find at Ornamental Life. Unfortunately Shir Dryke decide stop blogging but that mean more amazing clothes at her store. She kindly dropped me some stuffs for review. They are all amazing. Very characteristic are colours and well done textures. I choosed three fav tops and photograped them.

Ornamental Life review
From the left: Penguins and Wagons in Parrot, Chile Child in Blackcurrant ,Freckled Lizzy in Aquamarine(sweater)
They definetly stay for longer in my summer wadrobe and I'm looking foward for next stuffs from OL. Check it by yourselfs!
Rest Products Details:
Skins: Tuesday Blowpow in Honey (After Dark frkl, Breathless frkl, Aden in Black 2 frkl)
Pants: Elephant Outfitters Journey Tweed Slacks in Coal (my ne favourit pants on the whole grid!)
Hair: Truth Jasmine 2 in Panama Light