Yes, It's coming.....

Today I want to talk about....skins, again. Yes, I know I'm becoming well-known skin whore, but hey, for me skins is the most important thing in whole look. Today I want to focus on something totally different than all fashionistas favs skins (but these ones can become too soon huh?).

Today I want to show you new skins from Veezy, named Tape Uno. U can get them in three tones: light, tan and dark. Whole skin is well made, every detail seems to be done perfectly. The thing what charmed me in them is that they are just different than all skins wich have been released in past few weeks (we have "skins boom" do we ?).

Veezy's skins review 1
For me skins suits more casual and fun style, than fab and glamour, but I like it too. In every shade we have plenty of make-ups combinations. I choosed some in Light.

Veezy's skins review 2
Make-ups are nice, and very orginall. In every shade we can aslo buy make-ups named Fckd up and Sick wich imitate sick and dramatic-sad look (with cute sticking plaster on forhead).
I also hardly recommend checking other stuffs by Vylorna Demar (reasonable prices and amazing designs, especially freebie T-shirt "Stop the drama" /me winks).
Untill tomorrow (some new wonderfulness from Royal Blue)