Cause I'm blue blood.

I always was quiet fan of Marni Grut's work. I was such happy yesterday when I came on and have seen new upcoming Royal Blue's stuffs.
Lately very popular is dancer style (due to Glam Magazine and fabolous Mariya, or it's just my feeling? /me winks ). One of upcoming new wonderfullnes from RB is fantastic Lost Ballet skirt. Cute and soft, my fav in nude.

News from RB 1

Next thing are Harem High Waists Pants. Loose, modern pants in capri lenght. Great to mix with tshirts, tops and even swimsutis for casual beach look.

News from Royal Blue 2

As a fan of RB I'm looking foward for more and hardly recommend you to stay tuned. All that wonderfullnes soon at Royal Blue.