Flutter by Laqroki.

Firstly: I'm back!
Laqroki spoilt us in Monday by brand new line of clothes. The Apparel offers both clothes for men and women and also shoes.
It's still summer up here but new collection from Apparel reminds me about early fall, my fav season not only in fashion. I usually don't wear everything from head to toe from one designer or store, but thise time I'd like to show you Flutter by Laqroki. Everything with few exceptions like shoes, glasses and jacket on last outfit is from Laqroki.

Laqroki - pre.fall.blogpost

Outfits are perfect for early fall when we still feel a bit of summer but temperature make us to wear something warmer. And now, I must admit that- Laqroki made the best jeans on the grid for me. Higly detailed textures and neutral but pretty colours made them perfect for me. For cooler days you will find at Apparel some cute cardigans (one of them showed up) and beautiful well textured trench jacket in two lenghts.
The three outfits are mixes by skinny jeans (1,2) and hig waist jeans (3). 3hd outfit include amazing jacket from Last Call Virginie outfit (retired). Black, gray, white, brown- that's my colours for upcoming fall season and new wonderfullnes from Laqroki will are perfect start for my new fall wadrobe.
Go to Apparel and grab something for yourself for upcoming fall!

~Flow (my new nickname btw :P)

Ps. Credits:
The Apparel by Laqroki:
Trench jacket in brown
Skinny jeans in black
Knit cardigan in black
Skinny Jeans in gray
High waist jeans in white
Alison Skin 06
Fallen Hair in Dark brown
Love Affair in Dark Brown
Tesla Marie Shoes in PurpleRoyal
Armidi Sasche Flats in black
Maitreya Frenzy Banana in Tawny