{look.book} is evil!

They other day when I was reading Fashion Feed I ended on Dahlia's post about new Flickr group - LookBook. SL's LookBook is growing but RL website is heaven for every fashionista!
I have to confess - now both LB are my new addictions. I'm surfing there like 100 times a day. Very inspiring, very troublemaker (almost with every look you can here "OMG I NEED IT!!").
I decided today to try something in LookBook style, so here it is (better view in larger size, just click on the pic).

{look.bok} is evil!

I'm truerly fan of LB now so you can be ready for more post like thise!

MMS skin
Armidi hair
CS undertop
LC top

GHOST skirt
Maitreya socks and shoes
Cashmere*Desa*Clutch bag
Paper Couture sunglasses