HoL - List of participants

Hi lovelies! Annah speaking here *waves* Flutter is having some problems with her labtop so she asked me to post here the full list of participants with all the locations of the charity items! This means all the stores who have Limited Edition Items or that are reverting proceeds to the HoL.

I've teleported myself through all the stores (shame on me, didn't get all of the items yet) to get the SLurl, so I'll post them all here now!

*AnnaH* - AnnaH Whitfield 
[LAP] - Dove Swanson
{flowey} - Flutter Memel
PXL Creations - Hart Larsson
Surf Co. - Emma Gilmour
Grapevine Shapes & Poses - Grazia Horwitz
(Clio=pret a porter) - Clio Cardiff
Icing - Miko Omegamu
Exile - Kavar Cleanslate
Miriel - Miriel Enfield
Lazy Places - Sakuradawn Lei 
Coquette - Shannon Carroll
Kunstkammer - Nuala Shippe (25% from each sale is going to HoL <3)
Hourglass - Averie Larnia
-AnaLu= - Ana Lutetia
[Rockberry] - Heather Beebe
Popfuzz - Popfuzz Bamboo
Tokeo.Plastik - Aikea Rieko
Ivalde - Neferia Abel
DaneMarkZ - Hannah Daviau

This are the stores involved, in no special order! They all have a special item or are donating part of their proceeds to the Heart of Love! You can use the list for direct teleport! You can also contribute by shopping at Ornamental Life. There were a lot of other people helping with donantion boxes or items during this process!

I'll also take this chance to thank to all the persons who got involved with us, the ones helping, the ones sending hope messages, and the ones donating money or items! Thank you all! Each day we get closer to the objective! Thank you, from all my heart!

Annah Whitfield
HoL Organizer