HoL news.

So I'd like to announce that we hit almost 400K already!

Tomorrow I will publish full list of participants with directly locations of charity items. Due to rush we need to give designers a little of time to get ready.
I'd like to sayt also that I've heard a lot of opinions about HoL already, some bad some very good. I respect them all but I'd like to remind you HoLas every charity action is something you do because you do care and belive. No one is forcing you to taking a part in it or donating. Right to telling your own opinions in public is fully appreciate by us but to perfectly show what I mean I decided to quote one of the comments we've got:

It's fine to believe what you do, and it's fine to choose not to help - I just think that "having to call bullshit" - commenting on the blog where it all originates - is a little more than choosing not to help or being a skeptic. I think it is more along the lines of actively trying to make sure others don't help.

Believe it or not, DrKimmie, even people who aren't med students have brains and can think for themselves and come to their own conclusions without needing ANYONE to stand up and say "It's all true" or "It's all a lie."

Thank you and stay tunned !

Flutter Memel
HoL Organizer