Questions and answers about Hear of Love.

So a bit more info. Maybe it is my fault that information I gave you wasn't
enough but consider I have never done that before and second I was still having
in mind how Shir feels about it and also that she didn't want starting that. Anyway, to make things clear here are anwsers for some question Shirt got since last night.

Q: Why doesn't Shir qualify for free transplant?
A: She has a violent form of autoimmune disease (lupus) which doesn't react to
treatment too well and she is allergic to a lot of the medicines tried. So she is
a risk.

Q: 2500 dollars doesn't seem to cover the fees?
A: No it doesn't. Huge part of the whole cost is covered by health insurance,
Shir was asked to pay 3500 dollars from which 1000 she got from her family. Her
family is hit hard by economical crisis so there just isn't any more they can

Q: Where would she be operated?
A: In her hometown since it's very risky to move her. Exact details are unsure
yet but there is talk of bringing in doctors from Finland to help because the
country is so small, the doctors there have little experience with things like
this. There is a collaboration program between Scandinavian countries and Baltic
states that helps out in these situations.

Q: Howcome is the deadline 3 weeks?
A: That's because they have a matching heart in a theoretically dead man. He is
kept alive on machines and family agreed to wait with pulling the plug for a
month. From that point, a week has passed so thus 3 weeks. Extension will not be
asked, it would not be fair to the family in any way, they are having incredibly
hard time with the situation as is.

Q: Can she be cured?
A: No. It can be kept under control if they found a method that suits her, from
information available to doctors, Petersburg program sounds hopeful. First of
all, the important thing is to keep her alive at this stage.

Q: Where will the money go?
A: The charity will last as long as the needed money is reached or 3 weeks pass,
it will not be exploited for more money then needed and then the money will move
from Hope Bluebird account to Shir and she will cash it in and pay it to the
hospital. With that money, the hospital will pay for the whole process and things
will start happening. If 3 weeks fill before the needed money is reached and
there is no way of filling the gap, the money will be donated to RFL. Shir will
not keep the money for any other purpose.

Q: What will happen if she doesn't get a new heart?
A: She will die. Prognosis is 4-5 months at best.

Q: How is she doing at the moment?
A: She's in bedrest, sleeps a lot and is severely depressed. She is at home
because doctors figured it's better not to keep her hospitalized due to her
anxiety disorder and at the moment her condition is not critical yet. She is
closely monitored though.

Q: How can I help?
A: Contact Flutter Memel, Annyka Bekkers, Dove Swanson or Annah Whitfield for

Q: What do I do if I have more questions?
A: Send them to shir.dryke@gmail.com and they will be answered. Give her a bit of
time though, she types slower then usual, can't stay awake too long and thus your
answer might be delayed for up to 12 hours. However I thin with those post we
brought you as many details as we could.

Q: Did Shir start this?
A: No, Flutter Memel organised it and the others followed.

Everyone has the right to doubt and question. However before you throw a rock of
any kind, please do ask her for missing information and take into consideration
that it is really true and if you don't want to help, nobody is forcing you to.
However please do respect her, the situation is anything but fun.Also so far (so since yesterday) we reached L$ 44,476. Much more to come - many great designers want to help and join HoL for what I want now all thank you !
Feel free to contact me with any doubts/question : fluttermemel@gmail.com

Flutter Memel