Official statement and Heart of Love initiative.

Some sad news today. Not fashion post but please read! It's important!

Shir Dryke, my very dear friend and the designer behind Ornamental Life is having very serious health issues and needs your help. Shir needs a heart transplant which she has to pay for because she has been rejected by the transplant committee for free treatment due to a violent form of autoimmune disease that makes her a risk. In her country it is possible to still get a transplant with paying for it. There is a heart suitable for her and it is being saved for her for a little while. Because of previous serious operations and treatments she has had to pay for, Shir can not afford this operation anymore. She has tried to get help in real life from a lot of organizations and none of them will do anything. The time is running. I decided to organize with a few other friends of Shirs (misses AnnaH Whitfield, Dove Swanson and Annyka Bekkers) a charity initiative to help her. Like that we are starting Heart of Love. I created a special avatar where all the money we reach will go - Hope Bluebird. Then all money go directly to Shir. We have 3 weeks since today and around 700k L$ to reach.
We are going to do a few little projects under it. First, starting today, we are putting on sale special designs by us from which benefits go to Shir. Also in a few stores soon you will find big red hearts - those are donation boxes for anyone who wants to help like that.
We are working on it like busy bees at the moment and will be informing you about HoL here and on other blogs.
How you can help? By buying our charity items, paying to donation boxes, also shopping at Ornamental Life helps!
Now dear designers! Few of you already know about HoL but if there is anyone who wants to help us please contact me (Flutter Memel) for more information.

Here you can find first charity items and donation boxes:

{flowey} poses
- donation box and charity items to buy
Ornamental Life - Shir's stores, her items and donation box

Much more to come. I'll be informing you here.
If you care and want to please join our initiative:)!

<3 Flutter Memel