At leats Friday! [and so what that I have holiday :P] It's summer and mostly bloggers write about fresh and colourfull clothes, but I really don't feel well in light and intensive colours (black maniac) and I know there are more of you who thinks the same. I decided to bring you some dark but still summerlish outfits mixed from lates relases from such cute shops like Decoy and Ornamental Life (who also offer more summer colours ;] ).
for blog #6
For all outfits my base were new sandals from Maitreya, my new love. I also hardly recommend you to check new MMS hair if you haven't done that yet.
I leav it like that because it's all about photo, isn't it?
Outfit 1:
Jakcet: Decoy Margeaux Jacket in Navy
Pants: Decoy Genesis 10 Jeans in Dark Rust
Outfit 2:
Top: Decoy Sanrio in Mindnight Pink
Pants: Ornamental Life Saturday Afternoon in Nightly Passions

Outfit 3:
Dress: OOpS' FaShIoN Glamour
in all outfits:
Skin: :GP: Opaline Dew
Hair: MMS Dielli In Hazel
Shoes: Virtue by Maitreya