Cotton dreams

Yesterday someone remind us about how extremly talented she is. I'm talking about Maria Gherardi from MG Fashion. She just released super cute Cotton Basic Playsuit in tons of coulours. Its very summerlish and nice jumpsuit with some very nice prim ellements - like little bow and pockest wich looks totally like real (I want them in RL, /me sighs). As I said before they are in plenty of colours, everybody will find suitable. Here's how I'm wearing in two colours- olive and firebrick (I have few more ideas how to wear it but that in next mix&match post :] ). Sorry for crapy quality but I have some copmuter issues, try to put better one tomorrow.


Playsuits and much more amazing stuffs from MG Fashion you can find here.


Ps. Stay tunned! Later I will show you my new skin^love wich makes me quiet big skin crisis. <3