the [oBscene] love.

I should write today about shoes, but...I won't. I'm very slowly with news from grids lately but today as becoming well-knonw skin whore would like to show you my new love - the [oBscene] skins. Few weeks ago (I know...) very talented Kuja Akina released those skins. As I see they became quiet popular on Feed and not only. I'm not goign review whole skins because I would bored you, and many before me already have done that (for example great review by Gillian Waldman).
Something what made so in love with those skins are make-ups. As you can see under on pictures they are very different we can find in other skins on the grid. I'd say that they are very couture. Everybody will find something for yourself. I'm showing you only a few (my fav) make-ups but there is over 30 for every skin tone!

From the left, up: Dawn Al Lat, Dawn PEITHO, Choco Mojo Bella smoky, Arouse nanaja , Milk Hebe, Milk Ala; closed eyes: Milk night jaguar,Milk osiris
Eyes make-ups for me are just masterpieces. For those who are not very happy with body shadows I have very good news, there will be new skins with lighter and more naturall body shadows, stay tuned!
Untill next time
Ps. Rest of the credits, if anyone is interested:
Hair: Aime by Maitreya in Chesnut, Truth AnaLu in Panama (modifided, ETD Natasha In Espresso
Eyes: MMS Violet Eyes (from previous line)
Underpants: desinged by my friend, sorry not for sale ;)